for processing radar data
Optimal tool for working with SAR / InSAR data
A powerful and multifunctional software package that implements a wide range of data processing methods for synthetic aperture radars (SAR), SAR interferometry (InSAR) and multi-pass SAR interferometry (Multi-Temporal InSAR).
The main characteristics of SARPROZ:
Convenient graphical interface
No coding knowledge required for standard use
Matlab based
Advanced users can develop their own software extensions very easily
Fully parallelized
SARPROZ can automatically run on multiple processor cores or computer clusters
Works on any platform
Works on any platform
Modules / variants of data processing in the SARPROZ program
SAR data processing
Correcting SLC images, aligning and calibrating SLC, calculating Reflectivity Map, highlighting point targets.
SAR interferometry (InSAR)
Orbital data processing, calculation, smoothing and filtering of the interferogram, phase sweep.
Differential SAR interferometry (DInSAR)
DTM conversion and resampling, topographic phase removal, residual phase processing, motion estimation.
Differential Interferogram Packing (SDInSAR)
Processing a series of interferograms to suppress atmospheric delays and estimate motion;
Permanent Scatterer X-ray Interferometry (PSI):
Complete data processing chain to determine the deformation of the earth's surface, surface height and estimate atmospheric delays, etc.
Case studies
Airport monitoring
Long-term monitoring of movements at the airport
3D visualization of long-term movements detected over the airport object. Sentinel-1 data was processed with Sarproz and distributed by EO59.
Landslide monitoring
Analysis of upward and downward landslides
Landslide monitoring performed by EO59 for a government agency using Sarproz. Ascending & Descending Sentinel-1 datasets, natural targets and corner reflectors.
Urban subsidence
Nonlinear analysis in urban environment
Non-linear 5-year time series in urban areas, processed by EO59 with Sarproz. Sentinel-1 data.
Hong Kong
3D image of city radar targets
80 TerraSAR-X images were processed for target detection in the city of Hong Kong. Sarproz can export results in various formats and geocode both images and point clouds.
Morandi bridge
Deformation of the Morandi Bridge
Non-linear 5-year time series in urban areas, processed by EO59 with Sarproz. Sentinel-1 data.
Surface subsidence detected after excavation of metro tunnels (Cosmo SkyMed data)
Yellow stripes in the image show surface subsidence caused by excavation of subway tunnels in Shanghai. The results were obtained by Sarproz using the Cosmo SkyMed image dataset.
Collapse of the building
Time series showing the harbinger of collapse in Hong Kong (TSX data)
In 2010, a building in Hong Kong suddenly collapsed. The time series processed by Sarproz shows that the building experienced well-detectable acceleration prior to collapse. The data was collected by TerraSAR-X.
HK Dam
Time series of displacement caused by the water level in the reservoir
The picture shows a dam in Hong Kong. The time series discovered by Sarproz shows that the dam has a displacement proportional to the water level in the reservoir.