Aerial survey

Proxima performs aerial survey using manned and unmanned vehicles.

Aerial survey is photographing an area from a certain height from the Earth's surface using an aerial camera installed on an aircraft (airplane, helicopter, airship, etc. or their unmanned analogue) in order to obtain, study and present objective spatial data in the areas of the survey.
The data obtained from aerial photography is especially applicable in cartography, in the delineation of territories, land management, the study of species, archeology, environmental research, film and commercial production, etc.
UAVs are a new direction in aerial photography. In recent years, the use of drones has increased dramatically.
Aerial survey from UAVs is used to create and update digital maps and plans of those territories for which there is no practical opportunity or economic feasibility of a detailed study of the terrain and the determination of numerical characteristics from satellite images or traditional aerial photography materials.
For example, on sections:
◊ Covered with shadows and clouds in space or traditional aerial photographs;
◊ Landscape alteration, mainly with linearly extended altered objects;
◊ Change in the landscape when building embankments in settlements;
◊ Landscape changes requiring operational analysis and decision-making (seasonal landscape changes such as flooded river flood areas).